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Grayling will be found usually over gravel on or near to a crease.


Traditionalists use flies, nymphs etc, but for the most consistent sport maggots and red worms must be favorite.


Trotting for grayling is great fun. It's best using a centrepin reel, there are some good examples on sale these days for as little as £30. If you've not got a centrepin any fixed spool reel will do.

Then it's just a simple task of trotting through the swim. Only feed lightly as heavy feeding sometimes put the fish off. It's best to get the bait down quickly as the fish tend to feed near the bottom.


Trotting  is best with a soft action rod I use an old fibreglass one. Any small fixed spool reel is ok, a centrepin is a nicer way to fish. For floats you can use a traditional grayling bobber, but I find crow quill avons are excellent. Reel lines of 4lb tied to a 2.5lb hook link and a 18 or 16's hook is about right.

If I have no bites after about 15 minutes I move on, once a shoal of Grayling is found it's fairly simple to catch a dozen or so before the shoal moves on.


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